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Battle Cries (New and needs more members! Please look!)

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Battle Cries (New and needs more members! Please look!) Empty Battle Cries (New and needs more members! Please look!)

Post by Snow~ on Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:02 pm


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Looking for a fun forum with friendly members and exciting warrior cat roleplay? Looking for a place with active staff and members? Then join Battle Cries! We are always loking for new members. The more members we have, the better our plots can be. On COTB, there are so many options. You can have as many characters you want and choose from 4 clans.

Thunderclan- These cats are courageous and intelligent. They live in a beautiful lush green forest that goes on for acres. There are many streams and ponds and it is plentiful with prey.

Windclan- These cats are swift and bold. They live on a large plain field with trees out-skirting the edges and a lake in the middle. Field mice constantly roam the area.

Riverclan- These cats are strong and devious. The camp is an island in the middle of a pond. It's surrounded by reeds and cattails and fish is plentiful in the pond.

Shadowclan-There is a small dip in the ground, concealed in a tangle of brambles, with low hanging branches all around and above, that makes its location difficult for an outsider to notice.

You can also roleplay as a rogue, a loner, a kittypet, Starclan, or Dark forest cat!

We also have fun activities in an off-topic area of our forum.

Please join today, we need new members!

Note: Deputy and medicine cat positions are available.

Also, if you join before the crowd comes, you can be a mod or admin!


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