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Hawkstar the Fun-Loving

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Hawkstar the Fun-Loving Empty Hawkstar the Fun-Loving

Post by Hawkstar on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:29 pm

Name: Hawkstar
Gender: Male
Coat color: Dark russet Mackerel striped tabby with pale paws and underbelly with black ear and tail tips,
Eye color: Vibrant orange
Personality: He's a fun, goofy cat who loves the company of his Clanmates. He's warm-hearted and fiercely loyal to his Clan and loved ones. He's also mischevious and loved to pull pranks as an apprentice, although he's matured over the seasons. Brave and courageous, he layed down his life to protect his Clan. Even though he was a normally happy and loving cat, when it came to other Clans, he he was mysterious and intimidating. He left the impression that ThunderClan is not to be toyed with, and he wasn't afraid to show off. Now as a StarClan catm he has left all Clan rivalry behind him, and he can finally be himself.
History: He was born as a kit in ThunderClan with his siblings, Silverkit and Featherkit. His sickly mother, Springpelt, died during the birthing. Silverkit caught his mother's illness and died soon after birth. His father, Thrushfang, was killed in battle when he became Hawkpaw. Featherpaw was interested in Medicine, but she was cruely murdered by Foxpaw, who was a warrior apprentice and was going to ask to be a Medicine Cat before Featherpaw had beat him to it. He was made a warrior, Hawktalon, and was then made deputy, soon becoming leader. As Hawkstar, he lost his first life in battle, second protecting his mate, third fighting a band of rouge cats, fourth in battle, fifth fighting a badger, sixth because of Greencough, seventh because of inhaling to much smoke in a small forest fire, eighth because of battle, and ninth being hit by a Monster.
Place of birth: ThunderClan
Clan: StarClan
Crush: Noone
Mate: Leafripple (Living)
Kits: None


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Hawkstar the Fun-Loving Empty Re: Hawkstar the Fun-Loving

Post by Ashstar on Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:23 am

Accepted, I'll have to add you to the usergroup! We'll have to wait for more members to role-play, however.

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