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Advertisement contest

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Advertisement contest

Post by Ashstar on Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:02 am

Many other forums have an advertising section like we do! Forumotion to ProBoards, many, many of them do! We are having an advertisement contest to get our website started~
- No harrassment. They can join if they choose.
- Your ad will not count if there is already an ad on the forum.
- We do not accept rudeness.
- The people you refer must have a different IP address. If not, they won't count.
1st- Two free character slots. One must be in the Dark Forest. 200 leaves, and moderator powers on the chatbox(all accounts, 1 month).
2nd- A free character slot. Moderator powers on the Chatbox for 2 weeks. (All accounts)
3rd- A free Dark Forest character slot. Moderator powers on the Chatbox for 1 week. (1 account)
Anyone who directs someone will revive 50 leaves each! Thanks for trying to help!

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